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40-Day Prayer Challenge

Prayer changes things! The 40-day prayer challenge is going to change your life. Miracles that happen in your life decades from now will trace their origin back to this season of prayer. Breakthroughs that happen during these 40 Days will become generational blessings that live on long after you die.

When Jesus returned from His 40 days of prayer, He was now ready to begin His Father’s business. He was ready to win the war against sin and Satan on the cross. Jesus was not the same person after the 40 days, and neither will you. You will emerge from the challenge, just like Jesus, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This challenge will change our church culture and bring us into a season of spiritual growth. The goal is to figure out what God wants and what God wills. It is also to start a prayer habit that will last long after the challenge is over.

What to pray? One topic will be provided for each day. Then you ask God what else He wants you to pray about. He will reveal a promise, a problem, or a person.

When are we starting? Beginning May 1 through July 31, we will pray every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A reflection will be posted each of those days on the calendar of events that you are encouraged to meditate on. Then at 7:00 pm, on those evenings, we will meet via the prayer line to pray. The number is 641-715-3580, access code 454 225.

Event Details

April 30, 2018