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Day 10 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

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This woman is driving me crazy.”  Luke 18:5

I love the parable off the persistent widow. This woman is crazy! We aren’t told what injustice took place, but she was on a mission. Whatever it was, she wouldn’t take no for an answer. And the judge knew it. The judge knew she would not stop until she got justice or the day she died.

Does the Judge know that about you? How desperate are you for the blessing, the breakthrough, the miracle? Desperate enough to pray through the night? Until the day you die?

Jesus honored the prostitution who crashed a party at a Pharisee’s home to anoint His feet. Jesus honored the tax collector who climbed a tree to get a glimpse of Him. Jesus honored the four friends who cut in line and cut a hole in someone’s ceiling to help their friend. And in this parable, Jesus honored the crazy woman who drove a judge crazy because she wouldn’t stop knocking

The common denominator in each of these stories is crazy faith. People took desperate measures to get to God, and God honored them for it. God is still honoring spiritual desperadoes. God is still honoring those who pray with audacity and tenacity..

The viability of our prayers is not contingent on scrabbling the 26 letters of the alphabet into the right words. The viability of our prayers has more to do with intensity than vocabulary. It has more to do with what we do than what we say. Don’t just pray about it; act on it.

Bold prayers and big dreams are normal. Anything less is subnormal. And when bold prayers become the norm, so do the miraculous breakthroughs that follow. There is a pattern repeated in Scripture: crazy miracles are the offspring of crazy faith. Normal begets normall. Crazy begets crazy. If we want to see God do crazy miracles, sometimes we need to pray crazy prayers. Bold prayers honor our God and God honors bold prayers.

What to pray?  Peace and comfort for those in Divorce Care Ministry.

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May 22, 2018