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Day 18 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

On the seventh day, march around the city seven times.”   Joshua 6:4

Prayer is the difference between us fighting for God and God fighting for us. If your cause is ordained by God, then the battle belongs to the Lord. It’s His victory to win, not yours.

God’s timing is impeccable. He’s never late. He’s never early. God is right on time all the time! I don’t believe in coincidences; I believe in providence. I believe there is a God in Heaven who directs our steps, who prepares good works in advance, who causes all things to work together for good, who fights our battles for us! And if you pray through, there will be a breakthrough! Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose patience. Whatever you are praying about, keep asking. Keep seeking. Keep knocking. God rarely does things how or when we expect Him to.

Sometimes God will push us to our absolute limits –– the limits of our faith, of our patience, of our gifts. That is how God stretches our faith and builds our character. Remember when God told Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? When God intervened and provided a ram in the thicket? God’s intervention didn’t take place until Abraham had put Isaac on the altar, tied him down, and raised the knife. God pushed Abraham to the precipice of logic. He tested Abraham to see if Abraham trusted Him. Abraham passed the test and got a testimony!

I don’t know what you have been praying for. I don’t know if you’ve gotten a yes, a no, or a not yet. You’ve got to praise God if the answer is yes and trust Him if the answer is no. If the answer is not yet, you’ve got to keep praying.

What to pray? Continued safety for Mission Nac workers and that all the homes would be completed as scheduled.

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June 14, 2018