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Day 27 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”    Matthew 17:21

There are times when circling something in prayer isn’t enough. We need to double-circle it with prayer and fasting. Matthew 17:21 tells us that certain miracles only happen in response to prayer and fasting. In the same way we open a double combination lock, we need to both pray and fast to unlock the miracle. And the combination of these spiritual disciplines doesn’t just add up; it multiplies their effectiveness. Fasting will take us further into the presence of God than praying, and it will get us there much faster. We still need patience and endurance, but fasting has a way of fast tracking our prayer life like a hyperbolic chamber that speeds healing or a hyperlink that gets us someplace with one click. Fasting is hyperprayer.

No matter what we fast, we need to establish a time frame and an objective. If we don’t determine exactly when the fast starts and finishes, we’ll find excuses to compromise and probably quit. So we must establish a start date and an end date and then figure out what we’re fasting for. The reason fasting gives us more power to pray is because it’s an exercise in willpower. Physical discipline gives us the spiritual discipline to pray through. Fasting breaks down our pride, our bondages, our will. It helps us break bad habits and build good habits. Fasting is the way we break down our spiritual calluses and regain sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. And if we live in a place of brokenness, God will build us back up in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe there is something you’ve been praying for that you need to start fasting for. You need to take it to the next level. Draw a double circle by fasting for a friend or a family member. If you double-circle things with prayer and fasting, don’t be surprised if you receive a double blessing!

What to pray? Pray that the state Attorney General would lift the blue warrant off of Duane Merchant.

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July 5, 2018