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Day 29 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

Sing to the Lord a new song.”    Psalm 96:1

Spiritual growth is a conundrum. The key to spiritual growth is developing healthy and holy routines called spiritual disciplines. But once the routine becomes routine, we need to change the routine. Why? Because sacred routines become empty rituals if we do them out of left-brain memory instead of right-rains imagination. One of the great dangers we face spiritually is leaning how and forgetting why. Call it familiarization. Call it habituation. Call it routine action. Call it whatever you want, but when we learn how and forget why, we start going through the motions spiritually.

Six times the psalmist tells us to sing a new song. Evidently God gets tired of old songs. He doesn’t want you to worship Him with just your memory; He wants you to worship Him with your imagination as well. Love isn’t repetitive; love is creative. As love grows, you need new lyrics and new melodies. You need a new song to express new dimensions of love.

It’s easy to fall into a prayer rut. We repeat all the prayer cliches we know, followed by an amen! In the same way that we need to sing a new song, we need to pray a new prayer. We need a new vocabulary, a new methodology. We tend to think and act in patterned ways. Our tendency to do things the way we’ve always done them is called a heuristic bias. It is an amazingly complex cognitive process, but the result is mindlessness. We do things without thinking about them. If we aren’t careful, we pray without thinking –– and that is just as destructive as thinking without praying.

The next time you pray, try a new posture or a new time slot. If you typically verbalize your prayers, try writing them out. If you kneel while praying try prayer walk. Do something different. Get out of your regular routine, and pray a new prayer to the Lord.

What to pray? Pray for safety for the Students who will be going to camp at Falls Creek. Pray that they will develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

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July 10, 2018