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Day 30 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

”If My words abide in you…”.  John 15:7

One of the surest ways to get into the presence of God is to get into the Word of God. If we get into God’s Word, God’s Word will get into us. It will radically change the way we think, the way we live, the way we love. But it requires more than a casual reading. In fact, the Bible wasn’t meant to be read. It was meant to be memorized and meditated on. It was meant to be prayed and practiced. We have to abide in the Word of God and let the Word of God abide in us.

The word abide is a present imperative verb, which indicates a continual action.; it’s something we do for the rest of our lives. And we do more of it. The goal is to get closer and closer to God. And the way we do this is by abiding in His Word. What does the word abide mean?

To stay overnight. If we linger in God’s presence, God’s presence will linger on us.

To hold fast. Every time we pray, we gain a position in the spiritual realm. The kingdom of God is advanced and the forces of darkness must retreat.

To stand still. When we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, we must stand on the Word of God and trust His promises. That’s when we may feel like panicking, but it is the time to stand still and wait for the Lord’s deliverance.

To be moved. When the Word of God gets in our spirit, new passions are conceived within us. We cannot abide in the Word of God and not be moved to action. We cannot sit on the sidelines.

To tarry. This is precisely what Jesus told His disciples to do after His ascension. We must tarry in the Word of God. Perhaps the spiritual disciplines of studying Scripture and engaging in prayer aren’t two separate disciples. One is the key to the other.

We’re so busy trying to do something for God that we don’t realize that the key to our success in any endeavor is letting God do something for us. We cannot do something for God if we aren’t with God. We have to press into His presence. And the surest way to get into God’s presence is by getting into God’s Word.

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July 12, 2018