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Day 38 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

“I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post.”  Habakkuk 2:1

Watchtowers served a variety of purposes in ancient culture –– as built-in defense systems in the walls of ancient cities, as built-in pastures so shepherds could protect their flocks from wild animals, and as built-in vineyards for protection from thieves. Watchmen would climb into their watchtower, station themselves at their guard post, and scan the horizon for enemy armies or trading caravans. The watchmen were the first to see, and they saw the farthest. So it is with those who pray. Intercessors are watchmen and watchwomen. They see sooner and see farther in the spiritual realm. Why? Because payer gives us a unique vantage point.

When we see miracles as a result of answered prayer, it gives us the faith to believe God for bigger and better miracles. With each answered prayer, we draw bigger prayer circles. With each act of faithfulness, it increases our faith. With each promise kept, it increase our persistence quotient.

Geography and spirituality are not unrelated. That’s why the Israelites built memorials in places of spiritual significance. During seasons of repentance, they would often return to those ancient altars to renew their covenant with God.

Going back to places of spiritual significance should be part of our spiritual rhythm. It can help us find our way forward again. Where we pray is not insignificant. The Israelites pitched the tent of meeting outside the camp for a reason. Jesus prayed on mountains, by water, and in gardens for a reason. We need to find a place where we are far from distractions, where we get good reception, where we can focus, and where our faith is strong.

What to pray? Pray that God would comfort the Harvey family and friends.

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July 26, 2018