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Day 9 of 40-Day Prayer Challenge

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In fall 2008, Mark Moore was working on Capital Hill after spending 10 years in Africa as a missionary. That’s when a briefing from a UNICEF representative changed the trajectory of his life. The rep shared about a revolutionary food supplement called RUTF –– Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food. For Mark, discovering RUTF was like discovering the cure for cancer. It was more than a good idea; he knew it was a God-idea.

The primary ingredient in RUTF is peanut paste. Peanuts are high in calories and rich in proteins, which support the immune system. I’m not sure George Washington Carver knew that peanut paste would become the single greatest weapon in the fight against malnutrition, but God knew. And the revelation that saved the agricultural economy of the South a hundred years ago has the potential to save millions of lives today. That is the potential of one God-idea.

On October 2009, Mark stepped into the Jordan River and launched an organization to help with malnutriaiton. He set out to build a facility that could produce mass quantities of RUTF at cheap prices –– but he knew God would have to part the waters. He targeted Georgia since it was the peanut capital of the country, and he identified a town called Fitzgerald. When he shared his vision with the mayor, The major said he’d do everything in his power to facilitate and expedite the building permits if Mark could raise $1 million dollars. Within two weeks, he broke ground on a 30,000 square feet facility after someone donated $1 milllion dollars!

That idea was conceived years before in Mark’s spirit, to change the world, one malnourished child at a time. It was more than a good idea, it was a God-idea.  Never underestimate the power of a single prayer.

What to Pray? For our unsaved family and friends. Pray that God would give us God-sized dreams.


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May 19, 2018