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Our Mission

Expanding HIS Kingdom

Our Vision

Disciples making disciples through relationships

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Core Values

 The Book

We value the Bible; it is the expressed Word of God, according to 2 Timothy 3:16-17. It is profitable for living a holy and acceptable life for Christ. It is the final authority for a Believer.

 The Throne

We value worship because it brings us into the presence of God our Father. We value intimacy with God so that we can recognize His voice in our lives.

 The Home

We value family and God’s creative order. God created the man, then He created the marriage, and then He created the family members. At Nacogdoches Bible Fellowship, we value the creative order of the home, and we value families, whether they are dual or single-parent homes.

 The Table

We value relationships that foster accountability and Spiritual growth. We will be a church that mimics Acts 2 as we establish small groups in homes and local businesses. Growth happens around the table.

 The Globe

We value missions, both locally and globally. Jesus commissioned every church to go and make disciples in Matthew 28:18-20. We will support missions financially, prayerfully, and bodily.